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Featured on Groupon

Catherine Lacey, a name synonymous with stunning portraiture, is delighted to be the featured artist on Groupon for the hottest trend in photography right now - Glamor and Boudoir - especially designed to bring out a woman's (and man's!) natural beauty. Having studied the discipline intensively and exactly perfecting her own unique style and approach, she's excited to be offering this deal to a very select group of clients on Groupon. When you love, live and breathe photography as much as Catherine, there's an insatiable need to spread the love...

The Experience

"My hope is that every woman, mothers with curves, mothers with daughters and grandmothers, could be available for the profoundly beautiful transformations being planned by Catherine Lacey Photography. This is a wonderful celebration of the female form. We can all look forward to that perceived vision of how we want to look in the future, but is there really a more beautiful time in our lives than the now? Our role is to bring out your real emotions with soulful photography that focuses on the Heart of the Woman. My only requirement is that twinkle in your eyes as you pause to think of the love you have in your life, for your partner, children or yourself. The rest is the magic of the whole portrait experience." Catherine

A one hour in-studio boudoir glamor portrait session, in essence illuminating the heart of the woman. Catherine applies the principles learnt on film over two decades and then embraces the magical changes of the digital darkroom, to create stunning transformations on camera. Long seen as a luxury product, she is delighted to now offer this service to every woman.

Clients will be given the opportunity to add on professional hair and makeup to complete the experience and the stunning transformation. And after the session, Catherine recommends clients book an amazing night out to show off their va va voom transformations!

Following the session, clients will be invited to an in-studio private consultation of the images to make their selections of 5 simply edited images. There is nothing so moving in portraiture as when a client is simply overwhelmed with emotion at how beautifully they've been captured. Amazing photography gives women back the confidence they deserve and as a mother of two little boys herself, she know all too well the challenges faced in having time just to be herself, The Woman ;-)

The images are perfect for displaying in your bedroom, as a gift to a loved one, in a privately held custom designed folio, as a pre-wedding experience to share with your future spouse. The opportunities are endless. There is no age limit on the experience as Catherine is skilled in capturing the inner beauty of women at every age, spending time with clients to illuminate the heart of the woman and man.

The Finer Details

- A one hour in-studio boudoir session using only natural light
- Appointments can be made online using the exclusive scheduler available via Groupon, Facebook and websites
- 5 simply edited for exposure, colour and print ready sharpness with a license to print for personal use 
- A private consultation lasting 30-60 minutes to view the images and the range of stunning boutique products such as wall art, Fine Art Albums and Folios. From this session, you will select your 5 images. Further consultations are required to access the images again.

Your Questions Answered

What is the age limit?
Ages 18 to 100! I don't want to discriminate on the over 100s, so please don't be offended, but I felt the need to narrow my target market a little.

Can I bring my Mom, child, partner?

The session is based on a single client. By all means, please buy two Groupon deals if you would both like portraits. It's a perfect experience too for Mother & Children over 18.

Can I use the session for business portrait, headshots or portfolio images?
Unfortunately not, since the images are provided with a license for personal use only. A Commercial License can be purchased independently at industry standard rates for one or more images. 

How many outfit changes can I have?
As many as you like within the one session.

Can I extend the session time?
Yes! Please call for pricing. 

Can I use the images on Facebook?
Yes, and Twitter, Pinterest and any form of social media. I simply ask that you credit © Catherine Lacey Photography or include Copyright Catherine Lacey Photography. Thanks!

I love canvases and heirloom photo albums? Do you offer these?
Yes. Boudoir photography lends itself to fine art products such as canvases and photo albums which make the most amazing gift for your partner honoring an engagement, anniversary or birthday. You will be in love with the options I'll show you. There is however, no requirement to purchase any products from the session unless you absolutely fall in love with my art.

Do you offer maternity boudoir?
Absolutely. It's one of the most beautiful times to capture a woman. Let me show you some examples...

Can I upgrade the session for an at-home, outdoor or hotel session?
Yes. Please call for further details on upgrading.

Can I gift the session to a family or friends?

How do I book my photo shoot? 
Appointments can be made online using the exclusive Groupon Scheduler available via Groupon, my Facebook and my websites.

Can I purchase all the digital images from my session?
Fine Art edited images are provided as a gift with any Fine Art products purchased from Catherine Lacey Photography. This includes canvases and Folio Albums. All the exclusive options will be presented to you at your Viewing Consultation after the session. I want you to have the backup files forever when you value the work enough to have it made into custom Fine Art.

Where can I have my 5 images printed?
You will be provided with Printing Recommendations and Product Care instructions for your digital images and prints after your session. Due to the nature of color calibration, the images cannot be guaranteed for color and exposure unless printed directly via Catherine Lacey Photography through professional photography labs open only to professional photographers.

Do my 5 image have to be in the same look, outfit, scene?
No. You can select any 5 images from any look within your session.

How can I access my images?
Due to the custom nature of boudoir and glamor photography, you are invited to view your images as a private in-studio consultation. You can make your selections of 5 images from there and experience how the images will be transformed into my signature Fine Art for the wall, albums and folios.

How many consultations can I have so that all my family and friends can view the images?
One appointment is given per client for fairness. Cancellations can be made 24hrs in advance. If an additional appointment needs to be made to accommodate other decision makers, there is a consultation fee of $50 to cover my time and studio. There are no exceptions (to friends, family, clients new and old) except in the event of a medical emergency which will require a doctor's or hospital note. This is to ensure that every one of my clients is treated fairly and also so that there is respect given to my studio schedule and time.

Do you use film or digital cameras?
Whilst my background is in film photography, I've embraced digital photography and post production with a wealthy suite of digital darkroom applications for the last decade.

How can you afford to offer the service at this discounted price?
Good question! There are always discounts that can be made through marketing a product to a large group of clients, economies of scale in advertising included. I'm a Chartered Marketer and former global head of advertising and am very familiar with the costs associated with advertising. I'm grateful that Groupon offered me this amazing opportunity and indeed many photographers dream of that intensive immersion in a discipline, here boudoir, that has been made possible via Groupon. That is factored into the pricing to make it possible for me. Many of my clients will choose to purchase Fine Art products as heirloom pieces for their home and partners but there is no mandatory requirement to purchase additional products. I am a relationship marketer and wish to build relationships with my clients for brand loyalty for years to come. I therefore consider my partnership with Groupon as being a business investment to building long term relationships with my clients and therefore the costs in discounting my products are borne directly by me. When you value photography as much as I do, you also want to make it accessible with a price point that favors entry and ownership. 

What will happen with the images after I select my 5 images?
I always recommend you see your images as soon as possible after a session as our lives get busier the longer we leave it. Upon selecting your 5 images, those images will be archived for 12 months free of charge in multiple backup vaults. Additional storage can be purchased after this period. Any images not required by you from your amazing consultation will be deleted two weeks after your session so I can minimise storage costs of images which aren't considered perfection by my clients. Needless to say, that doesn't happen very often. I love owning all the digital files as a buyer of photography myself and my recommendation is to purchase Fine Art along with your 5 digital images. 

Will you be using the images for commercial purposes?
If you would like to opt out of the images being used for commercial purposes, please let us know. We've found all our clients to date have absolutely been delighted to share their beauty and their amazing transformations. Being a visual art, my work is designed to be shared through social media and the internet. You will be provided with a Model Release Form.

About Catherine 

Catherine is a London born master of natural light portraiture, having studied the works of the greatest photographic artists in history since her teens, and having trained with the best portrait artists in the World today. Catherine has been part of the photographic industry since the 1980s, through the years spent in London as a Chartered Marketer DipM MCIM hiring photographers for global advertising campaigns, to the present day experiences of capturing events, families and headshots.

She is also an active and proud full Member of the Professional Photographers of America. Originally enticed into photography through the fashion portraiture of the great masters at the dawn of the supermodel era, then through travel photojournalism in the 80s, her specialties have deep down, always remained true to her real love: stunning photographic portraiture which celebrates deep beauty. 

The Professional Gear

Catherine uses all professional grade cameras and lenses including:
- the amazing Canon 5D Mark II
- the stunning 35/f1.4L
- the to-die-for 70-200/f2.8L - seriously, I'm drooling as I type
- the gorgeous 85/f1.8 
- the standard 50/f1.4 
- the up close and personal 50/f2.8 macro for the little details
- Aperture, Photoshop Elements and a suite of Fine Art editing programs in her digital darkroom



Catherine Lacey Photography is a registered business in the State of California.

Catherine Lacey Photography 2006-2012, photographs, words and logos are protected under the Copyright Act by law. Do not copy, download, screen print or distribute in any way without permission. Any breach of copyright is punishable by laws. Any legal fees associated with recovery will be due. Thank you.

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