Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preparing for your boudoir session

I'm so delighted at the success of my deal which ran on Groupon for 4 days. Thank you for supporting my business.

Appointments can be made through the online scheduler on Groupon, or by clicking the Appointment button above.

Some beauty tips to help you prepare for your session:

- A manicure - I like to include hands in your shoots so I would recommend a manicure before your session, along with keeping your hands moisturized in the days/weeks leading up to the session. I do not include feet in my sessions unlike specifically requested by my clients so pedicures and heals are at your discretion.

- Roots and shoots - Please have your roots touched up just before the shoot so they're perfect. This can be done up until the day before your session. If you are upgrading to professional hair and makeup which I feel is essential for you to both look and feel your best in front of the camera as part of the overall experience, your hair will be styled on the day although it will not be cut so I would recommend a styling beforehand. For more information regarding my partnering artists, please find me on Facebook at Facebook

- Lingerie - Wardrobe is not included with your session, however, I would recommend Victoria Secret lingerie, a pretty evening top or silk dress with thin straps. I like to focus on the d├ęcolletage in my sessions so any clothes which will enhance this (ask the store too for ideas or there are beautiful ideas on Pinterest), are recommended. For maternity lingerie, I recommend Motherhood. Remember, the more outfit changes, the greater collection of images you will have in your hour session.

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