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I'm Catherine, a Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer based in Los Angeles with global reach. I'm a Member of the Professional Photographers of America PPA and a Founding Member and Contributor of KidsintheHouse.com, the Ultimate Parenting Resource. In 2013, I won an audition to feature in a Canon camera commercial, and my work in 2013 has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Groupon, Blipfoto, Totally Rad, Beyond the Wanderlust, Motherhood with a Camera, Paint the Moon and Little Bellows. I'm regularly ranked #1 on Google for birthday photography in Los Angeles. Commercially, I contribute as a stock photographer to the prestigious Getty Images. I shoot in digital SLR and have a 20 year background in film photography. I love the interplay of light and shadow, natural light, reportage and getting in close to preserve the little details which personalize your amazing day. I specialize in candid photography in natural light capturing love, emotion and personality. I'm accredited to work at UCLA hospital as a newborn photographer. My Yelp reviews are all 5*, have a look over here Yelp reviews.

I capture the love between children and parents from birth, through birthdays and every ounce of magic in between. I create images with clean, understated, contemporary and vintage styles with an understanding that the success of a photographic portrait in truly capturing the subject, is as much about the photographer, their skills and techniques, as it is the subject themselves. A unique bond exists between the two. And my goal is to acurately reflect the subject's personality.

I've always been driven to achieve perfection: technically, compositionally and emotionally. I hope you will enjoy my images as much as I truly and with my heart, enjoy creating them.

With a professional background as Head of Advertising at Dresdner's investment banking business and later Head of Marketing Communications for Transport for London, I obtained a Postgrad in Marketing and qualified as a Chartered Marketer. Working with advertising agencies, photographers and the press in my line of work, the image has always been my vehicle for delivering the message. My exposure to images was part of my daily work. But my inspiration to be a professional photography was born in my early years of adulthood in the 1980s, globetrotting to more than 50 countries, soaking up the sensory explosion and attempting to capture a variety of senses within a series of images. By shooting in film for over 10 years, I would work hard to achieve a singular image, always searching for that elusive perspective. With the advent of digital, I was able to harness and apply those learned skills and techniques to a new medium which became my focus for the next 10 years. And rather uniquely, I have captured my sons almost every day of their lives. 

During the session, my style is photojournalistic, unposed, preferring a more candid approach to portraiture, with the tiny details of hands and feet, an explosion of dancing backlight in your loved one's hair, the luminosity of their skin, the life of a person shining through in their eyes, being my signature look and feel. And from this vision are borne emotional, intimate portraits of people who believe in love and which reflect the essence of the person and their closest relationships. But that isn't to say I don't have a little fun on occasion in my often naturally lit studio with my sons and my growing collection of vintage props gathered from my travels. I adore outdoor shoots which capture the gorgeous Southern Californian light, often at the end of the day, parks and beaches appearing as softly lit backdrops, providing context and atmosphere whilst framing the real subject.
My vision is simply to capture beauty in all its forms, to be the premier portrait photographer in Los Angeles.

Child Photography

Whether your eye leans towards naturally lit classic black and whites with striking clarity, or dreamy, vintage inspired portraiture leaving you feeling nostalgic, or indeed cutting edge modern art, my ethereal images will grace your home or workplace, personalising your child's nursery or bringing a joyful collection of fun in the heart of the home. I capture the innocence of childhood, the romance of union and the ethereality of every day.